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“Unless Knowledge is transformed into wisdom, And wisdom is expressed in character, Education is a wasteful process. If education confers this gift of transformation, Then life will become peaceful, happy and Full of mutual help and co-operation. “

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Term dates 2018/2019

Autumn term
2nd September 2018 SSE first day back
21st October 2018 SSE closed – Half term
28th October 2018 SSE open
30th December 2018 SSE closed – Christmas holidays
Spring term
13th January 2019 SSE open – New Year
24th February 2019 SSE closed – Half term
3rd March 2019 SSE open
21st April 2019 SSE closed – Easter holidays
Summer term
5th May 2019 SSE open
26th May 2019 SSE closed – Bank holiday
2nd June 2019 SSE open
14th July 2019 SSE closed – Summer holidays
SSE reopens for the new year – 2019/2020
Sunday 8th September 2019

Five Teaching Techniques are used in SSE to effectively impart the spiritual knowledge. They are: 

Helps build up concentration, efficiency and devotion.
Awakens the awareness of truth about the Divine Consciousness.
Emphasises Truth, Peace, Love
Inspires faith and devotion.
Acquaints and builds a relationship with God and gives peace and joy. Emphasises all 5 values.
The inner significance lies in the Moral Values in each story.
The children are inspired by great men and women.
Emphasises all the 5 Values.

Teaches co-operation, tolerance, unity and sharing.
Brings out the creative flair.
Emphasises Right Action, Love, Truth, Non-Violence.
Gives confidence, teaches unity co-operation and team work.
Emphasises Non-Violence, Right Action and Love.