Baby Bundles 2020

This year, our centre planned to provide 108 new-born baby bundles for the maternity hospital in Puttaparthi. We had previously conducted a similar seva activity in 2017 for Nepal –

Work started in summer of 2019, with volunteers helping with preparing the baby blankets from suitable material donated by a devotee. We were provided free access to some sewing facility at a factory run by one of our centre’s devotee – see photos below.

Devotees in the centre donated a variety of clothes to make up the baby bundles, and with a view to obtaining more locally in Puttaparthi to complete the set to be included in each of the baby bundles – each bundle included blanket, baby grows, baby body suits, nappies, towel, face cloth, baby dresses, etc.

In January this year, volunteers in Puttaparthi prepared the baby bundles – see photos below. Also, it transpired that the Puttaparthi hospital had adequate supply of baby bundles (donated from other UK centres and from USA/Canada centres) so ours were delivered to Swami’s General Hospital in Whitefield, Bangalore.


Following is letter we received from the hospital on the baby bundles donated from our Centre.


We have received sets of baby dress and other material required for the newborns here at Swami’s General Hospital in Whitefield. As you must be aware, General hospital, presently, is functioning from the Super speciality hospital premises. Here in General hospital, Whitefield, we welcome the newborn with a similar set, but with fewer no of items. The baby sets donated by devotees is quite exhaustive and very well thought out. 

I am sure there are many well-wishers who have worked through this, to bring the sets to Swami’s hospital. It is a very wonderful gesture from all Sai devotees in UK and timing of this makes it special for us as we are all set to celebrate the Hospital anniversary on 19 Jan 2020. 

I would like to thank all those who have worked towards this tirelessly and thank Swami for choosing you and your team as his instruments. 

With gratitude to Swami, 

Love and regards to all,  

 Mahadevan KR
Sr. Manager, Multi-specialty Unit
Whitefield, Bangalore 560066