Beach Clean 2019

The Great British Beach Clean 2019 – A day at the seaside.

A day at the sea – A viewpoint from an SSE child

The day started for us at the crack of dawn, as we had to wake up early to assemble at our meeting point at 6:15 am. The coach was waiting to take us to the beautiful destination of a Norfolk beach. Yes!!! We were off to the beach as part of The Great British Beach Clean which is a nationally run activity by the Marine Conservation Society and Waitrose. We, the children of SSE (Leicester region 4), along with the devotees from the centre, were off to clean Cley beach in Norfolk, to make it a better and cleaner place for us to enjoy, as well as allowing the seals to have safer homes without any litter.

“I was excited to go to the beach because I dipped my feet in the water and also found loads of rubbish which I threw in the black bag.”- Ashika age 5

“We had a fun coach journey to the beach singing devotional songs whilst we munched our breakfast. The beach was a fun place to clean as the skies were clear and the sun was beaming down. We were so lucky with the weather as the forecast of rain did not seem to occur in the day time. We picked up rubbish to clear the serene and picturesque pebbly beach.  We had a spot for a picnic, in front of the vast deep ocean and had lots of fun.” Sathya aged 10

We collected litter, such as metal and plastic bottle lids, wooden twigs, paper, bird feathers, wrappers and dry leaves. Sadly, we also witnessed a dead bird lying on the shore which was a very sad plight but after today’s act, with God’s Grace, we have taken one step towards saving these beautiful creatures at the seashore. Whilst we were litter picking, we also came across ruins from World War 2, which was quite educational to witness.

After a very tasty and scrumptious spot of lunch of various varieties, we all headed to the sandy beaches, where we all treated ourselves to some ice-cream. We also played cricket, beach ball and got our feet wet in the chilly waters of Hunstanton beach. The lovely day came to an end when the dark clouds started to scatter above us and the waters started to pour from the heavens. We all packed our things up swiftly and ran to the coach for shelter. On the way back to Leicester, we were all exhausted and had a snooze whilst we reflected on the lovely time we had spent at the beach for a humble and worthy cause.

We all had a wonderful time and would like to go back again next year with more friends. We returned home and felt very grateful to Swami who gave us this opportunity to be part of this mission to clean a part of Mother Earth. Hopefully this small act of kindness will help protect the sea creatures and make it a cleaner place for all to enjoy.