Centre Gallery 2019

JanuaryMakar Sankranti on Monday 14 January
FebruaryBridge Health Awareness on Sunday 3 February
National Conference on Saturday 23 February
MarchMaha Shivratri on Monday 4 March
Regional Envirocare Day/Tree Planting on Sunday 24 March
Mother’s Day on Sunday 31 March

AprilHuman Values Day on Saturday 6 April
Ram Navami on Saturday 13 April (Centre event on Sunday 14 April)
Vaisakhi on Sunday 14 April
Easter Sunday on 21 April
Mahasamadhi Day on Wednesday 24 April
MayEaswaramma Day on Monday 6 May (Centre event on Sunday 5 May)
National Easwaramma Day event on Saturday 11 May
Buddha Purnima on Saturday 18 May (Centre event on Sunday 19 May)
JuneEid-al-Fitr on Monday 3 June (Centre event on Sunday 2 June)
Father’s Day on Sunday 16 June
Regional Family Values Day on Sunday 30 June
JulyGlobal Service Day on Saturday 6 July
Guru Purnima on Tuesday 16 July (Centre event on Sunday 14 July)
Honam/Universal Prayers for Peace on Sunday 21 July (Birmingham)
AugustKrishna Janmastami on Saturday 24 August (Centre event on Sunday
25 August)
SeptemberGanesh Chaturthi on Sunday 1 September
Navratri from Sunday 29 September to Tuesday 8 October (Centre
event on Sunday 29 September)
Beach Clean Sunday 29th September
Regional SSE Training Day on Sunday 29 September (Birmingham)
Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths Group 29 September
OctoberAvatar Declaration Day on Sunday 20 October
Diwali on Sunday 27 October
NovemberNational Swami’s Birthday programme on Saturday 2 November
Regional Akhand Bhajans on Saturday & Sunday 9/10 November
Ladies Day on Tuesday 19 November (Centre event on
Sunday 17 November)
Swami’s Birthday on Saturday 23 November
DecemberChristmas Party for elderly guests on Saturday 14 December
Christmas on Wednesday 25 December (Centre event on Sunday
22 December)

Christmas Party for The Bridge on Sunday 22 December