Christmas Event for Our Special Guests 2021

As you all know, this time every year we host a Christmas party for some very special guests in our local community living in care homes or special needs homes.  Sadly, we’re not able to host a party for them this year due to the pandemic.  But like last year we will be sending our usual guests’ packages of love filled with Christmas treats to remind them that they are still in our hearts and that we are remembering them at this time of the year. Over 40 volunteers from our Centre wrapped Christmas presents, ranging from mince pies, biscuits, small plats, fruit, Christmas crackers and a personalised Christmas card to send good wishes that would otherwise would have been as part of the annual Christmas Party.  In total a guest list of 80 was prepared and presents delivered on the weekend of December 18th and 19th.  Here are some photographs of Christmas Gifts ready to be delivered to our special guests.