Easter on Sunday 4 April 2021

Easter was celebrated on Sunday 4 April 2021. It was an online, virtual programme due to coronavirus restrictions.


Pastor Graham Thomas gave a talk on the significance of the Easter festival. The talk was in two parts – first part on Thursday 31 March & second part on Sunday 4 April.

On Easter Sunday the programme started with prayers and devotional songs,  followed by a talk by Pastor Graham Thomas.  Here is a summary of his talk.

Pastor Graham talk was about the days leading to Jesus’s crucifixion and thereafter His resurrection.  He spoke about Mourn Thursday as the day when Jesus met His disciples for the last supper.  He washed their feet representing serving one another and having Love for one another.  He then talked about Good Friday, when Jesus was arrested and condemned to death, which represents taking the sin of the world. Then Pastor Graham read the Gospel of John, chapter 20 in the Bible.

To sum up Easter represents Love for all, sacrifice and the realisation that God is our father and we are His children.

The programme then continued with an SSE presentation by Nursery Group 1 Year 1 with the message “Jesus was a person whose only Joy was spreading – Divine Love, offering Divine Love, receiving Divine Love, Living as Divine Love.”