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Announcements & News for February 2019





"All of you should take a vow continually to develop the Service (Seva) Organisations. Let all join in the activities. Treat all as the children of one God. Whomsoever you may serve, consider you are serving God. Then you will experience the Divine. You are bound to have that experience soon. Never give up the organisation. Regard it as the breath of your life. This is real penance. Having this firm resolve, become exemplary leaders. This is My sole desire. Swami's love will accompany you everywhere." Sathya Sai Speaks Vol. 23, November 23, 1990





Jai Sai Ram, Happy New Year to you.  With the New Year, we hope you will welcome new opportunities to learn, to serve and to develop on your spiritual journey. As Swami's quote above beautifully states, the Organisation is here for us and we should all play our role in developing it so that we continually evolve.  So very aptly, this month we have our National Conference which you are very welcome to join but if you can't make that try and come to our centre meeting to shape and guide the future activities of our centre.  We hope to see you there, maybe it could be the start of a New Year and a New You!





Your 2019 Centre Coordinators



These are your new centre coordinators. Please give them all your support and love.

Thank you to all of the coordinators who completed their terms and thank you to all the new coordinators for taking up these new posts.





Dental Health Awareness Day at The Bridge



On Sunday 3rd February we will be hosting our 6th Health Awareness Day for the homeless and this time the focus is on Dental Health. For the first time ever, we will also be able to undertake emergency dental work for our guests if it is required at a nearby dental practice.  In addition to this we will have pharmacists conducting health checks, GPs offering free consultations and our team of psychiatrists will be running their mental health and well-being clinics.  We often forget that a lot of the homeless are not able to access NHS services which we take for granted - so these days are a much valued and beneficial for our guests.





National Office Bearers & Active Workers Conference 2019



All  Office Bearers & Active Workers are invited to attend the National Office Bearers & Active Workers Conference 2019 on Saturday 23rd February 2019.

Registration is now open and it is very important that you register for this event. We are asked to register for all National events due to Health & Safety as well as to assist the catering team.

Date:   Saturday 23rd February 2019

Time:  10.30 - 5:30pm 

Venue: The Bushey Academy, London Road, Bushey, WD23 3AA

The programme will consist of practical workshops to (i) help you better understand the aims/objectives of the Sai Organisation and how you can translate this into your everyday spiritual life; (ii) arm you with the right tools to help you overcome the many challenges and obstacles Office Bearers and Active workers face in carrying out their duty and (iii) help you inspire individuals to become motivated and involved at Centre & Regional level. The workshops are open to all irrespective of role or position and have been specially developed by a team of professional facilitators to help us become “Ideal” workers and leaders of His Sacred Mission.

The theme of the Conference is “You do my work: I will do yours”, beautiful words uttered by Bhagawan and experienced by us throughout our lives. An assurance and promise that He continues to not only look after us but our families too.




Rounded Rectangle: Click here to register for the National Conference





Bhajan Workshop



If you are a regular bhajan singer or someone who wants to start to sing in bhajans - then this Bhajan Workshop is for you.  The workshop will be held on Saturday 9th February from 11am to 2:30pm at the East West Community Centre, Wilberforce Road, LE3 0GT.





Sunday After Bhajan Activities



Sunday 3rd February

Vedam Practice

If you would like to learn how to recite the Vedam and understand its meaning then please attend these monthly classes led by Marine.  Many people have benefited from these classes and have experienced the impact of daily chanting of Vedam in their lives. The classes are held after bhajans at Soar Valley College.

Sunday 12th February

Parenting Study Circle

Girishbhai who is a psychiatric consultant facilitates monthly workshops to help parents learn essential skills on how to raise our children by bridging science and Swami's teachings on parenting.  The sessions are interactive and very informative and we highly recommend this to all parents of SSE children. 
The workshops are held after bhajans at Soar Valley College.





Centre Meeting


Please join us for our centre meeting on Tuesday 5th February from 7:30pm to 9:30pm at Soar Valley College.  We would love your thoughts and ideas for our future events and activities. 





Leicester Sai Centre

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