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Announcements & News for March 2019





"This Shivarathri is a day when one tries to establish friendship between mind and God. Shivarathri makes one aware of the fact that the same Divinity is all-pervasive and is to be found everywhere. It is said that Shiva lives in Kailasa. But where is Kailasa? Kailasa is our own joy, our own bliss. It means that Easwara lives in the Kailasa of delight. If we can develop that sense of joy and delight in our mind, that itself is Kailasa. How can one get this joy? It comes when we develop purity and steadiness and sacredness. Then the heart becomes filled with peace and bliss. Then your heart itself will be Kailasa and Shiva will be there in the sanctum sanctorum of your heart, within the temple which is your body." 

Shivratri Discourse, 17-2-1985





Jai Sai Ram, Swami's Life message is about expansion.  Expansion of His love in the world.  This month we have a chance to spread Swami's love in our community through our celebration of Shivratri at the Sanathan Mandir. For years we have celebrated Shivratri on our own in the surrounds of our centre's four walls.  This year, inspired by our centre youth we plan to celebrate the auspicious night of Shivratri with our brothers and sisters at the Sanathan Mandir.  We do hope you join us for that and also for the other events in March.





Mahashivratri Programme - Monday 4th March



On Monday 4th March we will be celebrating the auspicious festival of Shivratri.  This year we will be celebrating Shivratri at the Sanathan Mandir (84 Weymouth St, Leicester LE4 6FQ) and together with the mandir we have planned a joint programme of puja, chanting ashtakams and bhajans.  The programme will start at 7:00pm with a musical recital from our youth, which will then be followed by the mandir's Ganapathi and Shiva puja. During these pujas our devotees will chant the vedam and Ashtakums.  After the Shiva aarti at 9pm we will have one hour of bhajans and the programme will finish at 10:30pm.

This promises to be a very spiritual night and we are fortunate to share this night with our brothers and sisters from the Hindu community who attend the Sanathan Mandir.




We have been given permission to use the Little Champs car park on Carter Street (LE4 6FX) so please try to park there if possible.  If you are dropping off then please use the Surrey Street entrance into the Mandir.  Please be aware there are roadworks taking place on Catherine Street so ensure you arrive extra early.





Tree Planting - Sunday 24th March



On Sunday 24th March we have a Regional Tree Planting day in Leicester working with Bradgate Park Rangers in and around Bradgate Park. The work will start from 9.30am and finish around 2:00pm followed by shared Lunch.  Items you need to bring include garden gloves, boots and a spade if possible. Wrap up warm!  More details can be obtained from our service co-ordinators.





Study Circle - Sacred Food



Have you ever wondered how certain foods can have an impact not on just your physical health but also your mental well-being?  To find out more, join us for our study circle about sacred food on Sunday 24th March from 9:30am to 10:10:am at Soar Valley College (after a shorter bhajan session that day).





Mothers Day Programme



Please join us for a special Mother's Day programme on Sunday 31st March from 9:00am to 11:30:am at Soar Valley College.  The SSE children will be singing bhajans on that day and have been working hard on preparing a special programme for us all to enjoy. So please do join us on the day.





Sunday After Bhajan Activities



Sunday 3rd March

Vedam Practice

If you would like to learn how to recite the Vedam and understand its meaning then please attend these monthly classes led by Marine.  Many people have benefited from these classes and have experienced the impact of daily chanting of Vedam in their lives. The classes are held after bhajans at Soar Valley College.

Sunday 10th March

Parenting Study Circle

Girishbhai continues his series of parenting workshops and this month the subject will be "How to get the best form your child".  Girishbhai (a consultant psychiatrist by profession) combines scientific research with Swami's principles to explore this subject.  The workshops are held after bhajans at Soar Valley College.





Centre Meeting


Please join us for our centre meeting on Tuesday 5th March from 7:30pm to 9:30pm at Soar Valley College.  We would love your thoughts and ideas for our future events and activities. 





Health Awareness for Homeless Day Recap


Thank you to all those who helped with our last Health Awareness Day for the Homeless.  45 guests participated in the various clinics.  We were focusing on dental health this time and 19 guests had dental procedures (everything from dental extractions to fillings) undertaken on the day at Doncaster Road dental practice.  At The Bridge we had a further 4 dentists, 4 doctors, 5 pharmacists and 3 psychiatrists seeing to the needs of our guests. On top of that we were joined by medical students from Leicester University and of course all our centre volunteers.  It was a great day of service where you could feel love and compassion from every corner for the most vulnerable in our society.






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