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Announcements & News for November 2019





"Many must be thinking about the gift to offer Swami on His Birthday. The present given to God must be pure, steady and selfless Love. You can rejoice that you have given the Lord a real gift only when you love your fellowmen, share their sufferings, and engage in serving them. The distressed, the poverty-stricken, and the diseased have no one to serve them. Go to them and be their friends and relatives, their closest well-wishers. Let them welcome you as such. Do not pour spirituality into the ears of those who are tortured by hunger and afflicted by pain. First satiate their hunger. Serve them as God and give food, clothes, and medicines and then teach them spirituality. I bless you with long life, good health, bliss, peace and prosperity. May you devote your physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual strength and skills for the service of the Universe.” Sathya Sai Baba





Jai Sai Ram, Birthdays are always something we look forward - especially Swami's Birthday.  Swami, has always said that he doesn't want us to offer Him anything on His Birthday apart from love for our fellow human beings.  This month we have an opportunity to celebrate His birthday but also to share our love through service to those less fortunate than us. We also have a chance to learn about why Swami declared a special day for Ladies. Please do join us for these activities, and as always please do send us any feedback about this newsletter or our activities by emailing us.





Regional Akhand Bhajans



We hope you all enjoyed our regional Akhand Bhajans last weekend and left feeling spiritually uplifted.  We received very positive feedback from all the guests who joined us from the different faith groups.  Our thanks to everyone who participated and helped with the event.  It really is amazing what we can achieve with Swami's grace.





Health Awareness Day for the Homeless



Vinodbhai we need your help.  As you might know, we are planning our next Health Awareness Day for the guests of The Bridge homeless charity in Leicester on Sunday 17th November.  

We need the help of general volunteers for the service elements on the day.  A key role is to have someone accompany each of our guests and you don't have to be a healthcare professional to help do that role.  So please get in touch via email to let us know if you can help on the day.

This is our most ambitious Health Awareness Day for the homeless to date, where we will be running two clinics (7:30am - 12:00pm and 1:30pm - 4:00pm) and we also be bringing the rough sleepers from the street on a minibus to the clinic.  So we really need your support!




Food Parcels for Moldova



Thank you to everyone who has contributed towards the food parcels we are making for those in need in Moldova. We are packing the parcels on Wednesday 20 November at Alpha Tutorials (same venue as last year) from 7:00pm.





Swami's Birthday Celebrations



Please join to celebrate the occasion of Sathya Sai Baba's birthday on Saturday 23rd November.  

The day will start with a special Paduka Puja from 8am until 9:30am at East West Community Centre, 10 Wilberforce Rd, Leicester LE3 0GT. You can find a list of items you will need to bring for the puja by clicking on this link: Paduka Puja Items

Then in the afternoon we will have our main Birthday programme between 3pm - 6pm at the Lohana Hall (top of Ram Mandir), Hildyard Road, Leicester, LE4 5GG.  We will have an afternoon of bhajans, musical items and a special play by the SSE children about the life story of Sathya Sai Baba.  Please do invite your friends and family to join us for the celebrations.





Ladies Day Programme



Swami has proclaimed 19th November to be celebrated as Ladies Day.  Our centre ladies have organsied a special programme on Sunday 24th November from 9am to 11am at Soar Valley College to mark this special day. Please join us on that day to learn more about the significance of Ladies Day.

"Women are the personifications of courage and determination. They put up with all hardships with fortitude and safeguard the honour of their family." ~ Sathya Sai Baba






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