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Announcements & News for October 2019





"The essential quality of an Avatar is to teach you to make good and proper use of your thought, word and deed.  The Avatar has come with the Message of Love. My objective is to establish unity in mankind, to reveal the aspect of the Divinity latent in man, and that God must be the only goal in life. It is also My duty to make you realise the kind of relationship that should exist between fellow human beings." Sathya Sai Baba





Jai Sai Ram, we often hear people say how fortunate we are to be alive when an Avatar was present on the Earth.  It is easy to forget that blessing, but immersing ourselves in bhajans, listening to His Discourses and deriving joy from selfless service we can remind ourselves of this truth.  Join us for some of these activities, and as always please do send us any feedback about this newsletter or our activities by emailing us.





Avatar Declaration Day



October 20, 1940. It was on this day, 79 years ago, that Bhagawan Baba unveiled the mystery surrounding His birth, life and mission.  He declared to the people around, and through them to entire mankind, that He indeed is the Supreme Consciousness embodied in this human form. “I am no longer your Sathya, I am Sai…I have My work; My devotees are calling Me…”

Join us on Sunday 20th October at Soar Valley College from 9am to 11am to celebrate this historical day in Swami's life.





Diwali Celebrations



On Sunday 27th October we will be celebrating the festival of Diwali from 9am to 11am at Soar Valley College.   The SSE students will be doing a presentation on the significance of Diwali and we will also have some Diwali treats for everyone to enjoy after bhajans.

"Fill your hearts with the light of love so that the evil qualities of hate, greed and conceit find no place therein." - Sathya Sai Baba







Dental Health Awareness Day at The Bridge



We are planning our next Health Awareness Day for the guests of The bridge homeless charity in Leicester on Sunday 27th November.  The focus will be on dental health and once again we have the support of Doncaster Road Dental Clinic who will open on that day to specially treat the dental needs of our guests. Last time we did this clinic, over 25 people had emergency dental work undertaken.  You may not know, but many homeless people and refugees do not have easy access to free NHS dental services and so this clinic really is "service of need".  As normal we will also have a team of pharmacists, GPs and psychiatrists to support our guests.

Not only do we need healthcare professionals to contact us to get involved, but also general volunteers for the service elements on the day.  A key role is to have someone accompany each of our guests and you don't have to be a healthcare professional to help do that role.  So please get in touch via email to let us know if you can help on the day.

This is our most ambitious Health Awareness Day for the homeless to date, where we will be running two clinics (7:30am - 12:00pm and 1:30pm - 4:00pm) and we also be bringing the rough sleepers from the street on a minibus to the clinic.  So we really need your support!








Food Parcels for Moldova



We have a wonderful opportunity to practice Swami's teachings on Ceiling on Desires and also collect food items for the needy in Moldova.  Lists of what we require for the food parcels will be available at the information desk at the centre.







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