Virtual Centre Activities 2021

“Coronavirus Lockdown – Centre Activities 2Live bhajans have returned to Soar Valley College – please click here for more information. However, we still continue to have a number of regular activities in a virtual setting, as shown below.



Virtual Bhajans – arranged every Thursday (at 7:45 pm) and every Sunday (at 8:45 am) on our YouTube site


Virtual Classes for SSE children

Virtual Classes – We organised virtual SSE lessons for our SSE Children.  If you are interested in participating – email us for more information.


Due to the very strict restrictions during the national lockdown from beginning of the year, it was agreed that we wouldn’t subject our volunteers to risk of coronavirus, to provide the meals on wheels service to our guests, for a first few weeks in 2021,  and we made temporary arrangements with other suppliers during this period, until end of March.

From 2 April (Good Friday), we restarted our meals on wheels rota.


We were conscious that we needed to have a plan to keep in touch and support the elderly in our centre who will be the most isolated at this time. We agreed on a plan to make calls every week (at least once a week) to assess any special requirements they may have and would provide any shopping needs – for food items & medication. 

Experience to date has shown that this is a very beneficial service (for both the volunteers & the guests),  and our guests have appreciated the calls.


Despite the current lockdown position due to Covid-19 our centre activities have continued with vigour and without much interruptions. Vijayanbhai and Jaybhai, our spiritual coordinators, have carried out virtual study circle sessions during April and May. These sessions have been carried out via Google Hangouts on Sunday evenings. Average weekly attendance ranged from 10-12 per session and the subject under discussion was Unity.

Sincere thanks goes to our devotees for
a) taking part in the regular weekly discussions, and
b) getting used to new style of delivery and technology.
The group has had lively discussions on the important subject of Unity and from early June will move on to the new subject of Purity. Our devotees have thanked and also welcomed the opportunity to enhance their spiritual knowledge despite very difficult current circumstances we are all facing.

The SSSIO celebrated the 95th Birthday of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba from November 21 to 22, 2020 with online programs. This year, the theme of the celebrations was Happiness is union with God. Prior to the online program a series of six short study guides were released, encapsulating some of His teachings regarding happiness. The study guides below can be downloaded by selecting the language of choice.

Study Circle on Sunday 21 February – Study guide link below.

     Birthday Study Guide  – Week 3

Study Circle on Sunday 25 April – Study guide link below.

  Birthday Study Guide – Week 4


  Birthday Study Guide – Week 5 


These sessions now take place on Zoom every *Wednesday (6pm) and Saturday (8am)*.

Details of Zoom session are given below.

Meeting ID: 936 6954 3819  Passcode: 610528

You can also watch Yoga session on YouTube by using the link below.



The bridge, Midlands Langar and Leicester South Food Bank

Jai Sai Ram

In March 2020 due to the Covid lockdown of the country, we had to suspend all our services in the community to help the needy/homeless in Leicester.  However, as we were already working with external agencies such as The Bridge, we continued to play a part in supplying food items where needed.  Initially, this was to supply items as requested for their Outreach programme, where members of The Bridge went on the streets and help support homeless.  This service has evolved over the last 12 months by providing more food items as The Bridge started to slowly open their services indoors and are now serving refreshments during the week. 

At the start of the lockdown, we were also approached by the Midlands Langar Seva Society, who prepare food parcels for the needy in the local community.  The Centre accepted the request and has actively engaged in the last 12 months in supplying food items which have been generously supplied by our devotees.  The service started with items needed for the supply of hot meals for the needy in the local community, as well as for the NHS workers, and have now expanded to supply not only hot meals but also food parcels to the needy and homeless.

As well as supplying food to The Bridge and MLSS, the Centre has been actively involved in supplying much needed food items to the Leicester South Food Bank.  The service prepares much needed food parcels to supply for a family for a week.  This is a vital service in the community where the need has substantially increased due to the current Covid crisis.

All this would not have been possible without the tremendous support from our devotees, who have contributed by supplying items of food as part of their ceiling on desires sadhana and Love for Swami.

These are ongoing services in the community with our external partners and will continue well beyond the current Covid crisis.

Here are some photos:


Webninar – Health & Well-being series webinars


  SSNHC Webinar  5 Jan 2021  

  SSNHC Webinar  23 Feb 2021

SSNHC Webinar 2 March 2021


Maha Shivratri on Thursday 11 March 2021

Maha Shivratri was celebrated on Thursday 11 March 2021. This year due to the pandemic restrictions, this is an online, virtual virtual programme on YouTube.

” Shivaratri is a day when one tries to establish friendship between the mind and God. Shivaratri makes one aware of the fact that the same Divinity is all-pervasive and is to be found everywhere. ”  ~ Sri Sathya Sai Baba, Divine Discourse on Shivaratri Day in Prasanthi Nilayam – February 17, 1985

The SSSIOUK Region 4 Maha Shivaratri Celebrations will be virtual this year. We invite you to join us for a live offering which will include a Rudra Abhishekam and a special guest speaker from Prasanthi Nilayam.

You will be able to conduct the Rudra Abhishekam from each of your homes.

Link to items required for Abhishekam:

We had an extended programme after the from 10:00 pm onwards, to finish off the auspicious night of Shivratri. The programme included bhajans, Ashtakams, a small abhishekam & a presentation on the darshan of 12 jyotirlingas.

Mother’s Day celebration on Sunday 14 March 2021

This year’s Mother’s Day celebration will be a virtual, online programme on YouTube. The programme includes showcasing of SSE children’s work over the year.    

Please join us on the 14th March for the Mother’s day program celebrating Mothers, Grandmothers and mother figures. We are also dedicating this Mother’s day by giving a tribute by expressing our heartfelt gratitude towards Mother Sai who has helped us all survive during this pandemic.

The program included bhajans by SSE students, showcase of their class work and activities carried out during lockdown. Mother’s day messages and a fun packed program was lined up for you all to enjoy & uplifted all those lovely mothers who tirelessly work and serve day and night selflessly.

EASTER celebration on Sunday 4 April 2021

         Sunday 4th April 2021 | Easter Sunday Celebrations – YouTube

Centre activities 2020
We continued with our regular activities in a virtual setting click here for more information.