Service Wing

“You are not doing service for others. You are doing it always for yourselves, to the God who is equally present in others”

Service activities inspire the individual to serve selflessly with the feeling of oneness toward every individual and community by offering every act to God.

As a Centre we organise: 
 • Preparing and serving food to the homeless, • Health Awareness Camps for the homeless, • Meals on Wheels service at week-ends, • Collection of items for the local Food Bank, • Food Parcels for Refugee Relief Charity, • Annual summer and Christmas events for the local elderly, disabled and members of residential homes.

Meals on Wheels“Offer service and receive love. This is the recipe for experiencing Divinity.”
This is the oldest of the service activities that has been running continuously for over 40 years and will continue to do so with Swami’s grace. The service benefits 3 parties; the one who does the cooking, the one who delivers the food and the one who receives it. Meals on Wheels should be done from the heart.

Environment Project –  “That which happens physically on the outside in terms of actions is not of major importance. What is important is that which comes from inside”
For a number of years we have been working with Environ to help make a better world, whether this is planting trees, building fences, painting wooden fences, clearing scrubs and /or laying a path.  The service is normally conducted in the weekend, but there are opportunities available in the week days for those who are able to do so.

Refugee Relief (Wellingborough) – “Our love should not be confined to our kith and kin. It must extend beyond the family to society as a whole, then to the nation at large and finally embrace the whole world”
There are a number of volunteers who go to Wellingborough every 4 weeks (on a Saturday) to help out on the Refugee Relief Project at Wellingborough.  This service goes hand in hand with the above “food parcels” project, but here volunteers help out in the warehouse as well as loading lorries which are destined to refugee camps in Croatia, and to Africa.

Hospital Ward Visits“Always try to put yourself in the position of the other and judge your action against the background. Then you will not be wrong.”
Volunteers visit patients in the wards at Leicester Hospitals. This service is to meet patients on the wards, and talk to them.

Saturday Asian House Bound Library Service – “Service broadens your vision widens your awareness deepens your compassion”
This service is conducted in cooperation with Leicestershire Libraries and has been running for many years.  The service consists of one volunteer collecting library material and delivering to 4 to 5 persons who are unable to visit the library.  This service is carried out once a month on a Saturday and takes approximately one hour to complete, and covers the areas of Rushey Mead, Belgrave Road and Highfields.

Food Parcels“Service to humanity is service to divinity”
This service is part of the ‘Ceiling on Desires’ project, where you give up something in order to offer an item which is required for a person in need.  The Centre conducts 2 to 3 collections a year of items to supply to the needy in places such Croatia.

Hall Setup – Service springs out of love and it scatters love in profusion
Volunteers set up the altar and associated materials in the space of 45 minutes by assembling the altar, laying the white sheets, making some chairs available for those who are unable to sit on the floor and setting up the PA system for the bhajan lead singers.   Vibutti is served at the end and all the materials are put away after the bhajans.  This is carried out every Sunday from 8:00 to 11:00 am.

Bridge Project“The gift of food to the hungry is the noblest of all gifts”
we help the Bridge Project to provide meals on Sundays & Thursdays to the homeless. We also help with breakfasts every weekday.

Entertainment at Residential Homes“Service is worship. Each act of service is a flower placed at the feet of God”
Swami’s Bhajans are conducted at elderly people’s home on a monthly basis at the request of the residents. The service is conducted for one hour and provides an opportunity to meet the residents.