Spiritual Wing

“Let the different faiths exist.
Let them flourish and
Let the glory of God be sung
In all the languages of the world
And in a variety of tunes.
Respect the differences between the faiths
And recognise them as valid
As long as they do not extinguish
The flame of unity.”

The purpose of the Spiritual wing is to enhance the spiritual knowledge of the devotees who come to our centre. Swami has placed great emphasis on Vedam chanting and to this end we have arranged regular sessions at SVC, so for those who have the desire and passion to learn Vedam chanting can do so.

We will conduct regular sessions of study circle with some interesting and thought provoking subjects so that this can stimulate communication and dialogue amongst the devotees. All these activities will be done by keeping Swami’s message firmly in our mind. We will introduce interesting and appropriate video clips to reinforce the underlying message.

We also plan to introduce Meditation sessions from time to time to enhance our spiritual journey. This activity will promote the habit of looking inwards….

Members from other religious faiths will also be invited to our centre at appropriate times so we can broaden our knowledge of other religions. This again cements Swami’s message of Love All Serve All.