Global Service Day 11 July 2020

This year’s Global Service was planned for Saturday 11 July but, like a number of other events, we had to cancel the summer outing due to the coronavirus pandemic. Also due to more stricter regulations that were imposed in Leicester, we had to delay the event to Saturday 3 August.

We reviewed a number of different ways to celebrate the event, and mainly to remind all our guests that we were still thinking of them at this difficult time.  We decided to go & visit them personally and offer each guest a ‘food hamper’, being careful that we strictly observed the latest rules & regulations on visiting. Guidelines were prepared for the Centre devotees who would be preparing the hampers and visiting the guests in their homes.

We prepared a short video to remind them of the good times we had in the previous outings by including some of the guests’  photos in the video.

We also included a fridge magnet souvenir as a reminder of the main message from 2020 – ‘Stay Safe’ and the rainbows to thank the NHS staff. One of the unique features of each magnet is that each one has a different rainbow drawing painted by our SSE children. There are 24 different rainbow drawings!!

The main item we wanted to offer our guests was a food hamper – a small offering of a special treat from us! And we agreed that the devotees would deliver these personally.

The food hampers were prepared by our Centre devotees – we agreed to prepare 95 hampers – to match 95th Birthday of Swami this year – 95 YEARS OF SELFLESS LOVE!


We have included some photos of the hampers below. As you can see, the photos reflect the huge variety of different refreshments included in the hampers – from freshly made bhajias, samosas, pasties, sev khamri, and many more other savoury dishes, to freshly made sweets such as gulab jamuns, cakes, muffins, and many other different sweets!! Then there were packets of crisps, savoury snacks & chocolates as well as fresh fruits!! The creativity everyone has shown in making up the hampers is absolutely wonderful!! 

The hampers were delivered personally by our devotees to the guests homes, following the strict regulations in operation at the time in Leicester.

We received many ‘thank you’ messages of appreciation from our guests – most were so thankful that we had thought about them at this ‘not normal’ times, and for the loving offering of the hampers to them personally. Here are some messages we received

 “thank you to everyone from Sai Centre, and for the lovely video message”

“thank you for remembering us. Take care & Sai baba bless you all!

“there is no word to say thank you. God will look after all”

“thank you so much – it was lovely food. God bless you all”



……..and some from devotees which echo what most of the others felt as well!

“was lovely doing these today and definitely rewarding to actually see & speak to these masi/baa’s”

“thank you so much for the opportunity”


Here are the photos of the hampers: