Region 4 Tree Planting

On Sunday 17th October, volunteers from Region 4 centres came together at Bradgate Park to take part in an environmental project.  The task was to plant tree samplings and clear paths of overgrown bushes to serve the immediate wildlife and walkers in the park.

31 volunteers from Leicester, Wolverhampton and Rugby Sai Centres came together for this service opportunity.  It was a wet start to the day but this did not dampen the energy and warmth of the volunteers in the service activities that they were about to undertake.  The day started with the Park Rangers giving a description of the works that they would be undertaking with some health and safety information as they would be using tools as part of their work.

The Rangers then took the volunteers to the area where tree samplings were to be planted and bushes to be cleared.  The volunteers were divided in to 2 groups to carry out the activities.  All volunteers took to the task of planting tree samplings and clearing bushes which was completed by 2pm.  The service completed with prayers and a picnic, where volunteers brought their own packed lunches to enjoy in the open space.

It was a wonderful day, full of joy of doing something for Mother Nature and helping themselves in their spiritual journey.