zzActivity Log

Date Activity
8/3/2021Installed Yoast SEO plugin. This plugin is for Search Engine Optimisation, to help our site come higher up in the rankings.
4/3/2021Updated Coronavirus page to include Shivratri & Mother’s Day details.
Added the events coming up the Centre Calendar page.
25/2/2021Added February Newsletter
24/2/2021Added Study Circle guides & Webinar YouTube links to the Coronavirus Activities 2021 page.
Also added Zoom meeting Yoga session link.
6/2/2021Updated the organisation title by adding ‘Sri’, as per instruction at the National Office Bearers’ Conference 2021.
9/1/2021Updated the Centre Events & Gallery Page for 2021.
Inserted a new page for the Coronavirus Activities 2021.
4/1/2021Inserted a new section on Coronavirus Activities 2020 page for New Year Eve’s Bhajans on 31 December 2020
Added new page for Centre Events & Gallery 2021
Moved the Centre Events & Gallery 2020 to Archived Pages
29/12/2020Added page links to make it easier to navigate the Coronavirus Centre Activities page as it was becoming very large.
Also changed the title by adding 2020. This means we can add a new page for 2021 if we want to. New page only useful if many new changes comes across in the next few months.
29/12/2020Removed the ’95 Years of Service’ symbol from heading
21/12/2020Inserted a new section to the Coronavirus Centre Activities page for the Christmas Gift boxes offered to our guests on Saturday 19 December 2020.
13/12/2020Added Centre Newsletter for December
Added information about the Christmas gift boxes for elderly guests
16/11/2020Added Swami’s Birthday programme posters to the Home Page & the Coronavirus Activities Page. Also added links to the posters on the Gallery & Events Page.
24/9/2020Disk Usage STATISTICS
FTP Accounts 1 / 1 (100%), MySQL® Databases 1 / 1 (100%), CPU Usage 59 / 100 (59%), Physical Memory Usage 44.54 MB / 1 GB (4.35%), Entry Processes 0 / 20 (0%), IOPS 0 / 1,024 (0%), I/O Usage 0 bytes/s / 2 MB/s (0%), Aliases 0 / 0, Addon Domains 0 / 0, Disk Usage 4.01 GB / 10 GB (40.14%), MySQL® Disk Usage 28.39 MB / 6.01 GB (0.46%), Bandwidth 15.59 GB / ∞, Subdomains 0 / ∞, Number Of Processes 0 / 100 (0%)
24/9/2020Published Centre Newsletters for June, July, August & September.
3/8/2020Published new page for Global Service Day 2020
8/7/2020Email from UK2 – Downgrade from 10GB package to 5GB to reduce cost of hosting our website. We will have to manage size of website by removing old copies of backup files.
5/7/2020We have requested UK2.net to downgrade our package to 5GB, from 10GB, as our disk space usage is well below 5GB and if we continue to manage this by not retaining too many copies of the backup files, we should be able to manage comfortably with 5GB package. Downgrading also means it will cost us less (UK2.net were generous to us when we upgraded to the 10GB package and did not charge us any extra for this year but I suspect charges will go up when the renewal is due on 19 February 2021.
5/7/2020Published new page for Guru Purnima online programme on Sunday 5 July 2020.
3/7/2020Disk Usage statistics:
Disk Usage 3.22 GB / 10 GB (32.22%), MySQL® Disk Usage 21.8 MB / 6.8 GB (0.31%), Bandwidth 1.83 GB / ∞, Subdomains 0 / ∞, CPU Usage 0 / 100 (0%), Entry Processes 0 / 20 (0%), Physical Memory Usage 0 bytes / 1 GB (0%), IOPS 0 / 1,024 (0%), I/O Usage 0 bytes/s / 2 MB/s (0%)
22/6/2020Added new page for Father’s Day virtual programme on Sunday 21 June 2020.
18/6/2020Updated the Coronavirus lockdown Centre activities page with online Yoga information, details of Home Bhajans and details of how the youths prepare the online virtual bhajans every Thursday & Sunday.
18/6/2020Disk Usage Stats
FTP Accounts 1 / 1 (100%), MySQL® Databases 1 / 1 (100%), Aliases 0 / 0, Addon Domains 0 / 0, Disk Usage 2.6 GB / 10 GB (25.95%), Entry Processes 1 / 20 (5%), Physical Memory Usage 32.4 MB / 1 GB (3.16%), CPU Usage 1 / 100 (1%), Number Of Processes 1 / 100 (1%), MySQL® Disk Usage 21.52 MB / 7.43 GB (0.28%), Bandwidth 22.86 GB / ∞ , Subdomains 0 / ∞, IOPS 0 / 1,024 (0%)
30/5/2020Updated the Centre Gallery 2020 page with links to events e.g. virtual bhajans on YouTube.
23/5/2020Created a page to record Centre activities conducted during the Coronavirus lockdown period (from 18 March to present).
21/5/2020Invoice – SSL certificate for new (.org.uk) site – £49.99 for year.
11/5/2020Updated the Education Wing page for Virtual Classes information.
10/5/2020Published R4 Maha Shivratri page.
30/4/2020Upgraded our WordPress to 5.4.1
29/04/2020Below is full detailed list of files used but our usage out of the 10GB we have allocated to us is 1.97 GB (of 10 GB). This reduction is due to deletion of some of the backup files.
Files in home directory: 0.10 MB, Files in hidden subdirectories: 8,685.13 MB, etc/ 0.01 MB, logs/ 56.57 MB, perl5/ 0.03 MB, public_ftp/ 0.00 MB, public_html/ 846.59 MB, softaculous_backups/ 744.98 MB, ssl/ 0.04 MB, tmp/ 334.79 MB, MySQL 15.18 MB, Mailing Lists 0.00 MB, Email Archives 0.00 MB
Contained in the mail directory. Email Accounts† 0.36 MB
Contained in the mail directory. 10,683.76 MB total disk space used.
10,240.00 MB quota limit (2,001.59 MB used).
29/04/2020Deleted some more of the backup files.
28/04/2020Added Activity Log page. This records the changes we make to the website e.g. new pages added, pages updated, new plugins added, upgrades, backups, etc.
27/04/2020Deleted some more of the backup files.
27/04/2020OLD SITE – the disk usage stats for the old site are in the cPanel (by following the link below) . Current usage is at 2.04GB out of 2.93 (69.49%)
27/04/2020Requested Disk Space usage stats from UK2 (15:00 hours)
the disk usage on the WordPress are 4.16 GB out of 10GB (41.58%)
8.4G ./.snapshot, 3.0G ./softaculous_backups, 847M ./public_html, 334M ./tmp, 53M ./logs, 3.8M ./.cpanel, 1.5M ./.cphorde, 360K ./mail, 330K ./.cagefs, 110K ./.softaculous, 40K ./ssl, 32K ./perl5, 20K ./.subaccounts, 12K ./etc, 12K ./.cl.selector, 4.0K ./public_ftp, 0K ./.trash, 0K ./.htpasswds
27/04/2020Deleted the oldest 5 of the 14 backup files on UK2
27/04/2020Requested disk space usage from UK2 (11:00 hours)
8.4G ./.snapshot, 6.6G ./softaculous_backups, 847M ./public_html, 334M ./tmp, 52M ./logs, 3.9M ./.cpanel, 1.6M ./.cphorde, 560K ./mail, 340K ./.cagefs, 148K ./.softaculous, 40K ./ssl, 32K ./perl5, 20K ./.subaccounts, 12K ./etc, 12K ./.cl.selector, 8.0K ./public_ftp, 4.0K ./.trash, 4.0K ./.htpasswds
(Junaid J at UK2 via Online Chat) – The Snapshot is a virtual backup, it does not count towards physical volume.
18/04/2020Added December 2019, February 2020 & April 2020 newsletters to the Centre Newsletters page.
18/04/2020Deactivated (Titan) AntiSpam plugin on the basis that we already have Akismet AntiSpam, which has been developed by WordPress, and for our site, this should suffice. Also we have WordFence as our firewall & antivirus protection plugin.
13/04/2020Deactivated ‘Advanced Twenty Seventeen’ THEME. This theme was inserted along with the same name plugin (see 9/4/2020) without my knowledge/lack of experience I’m afraid. We have reverted back to the original Twenty Seventeen theme (vanilla version).
10/04/2020Added scrolling photos on the Home page header (video created using MS Movie Maker)
10/04/2020Added link to send email (Contact us page) to get information on SSE Virtual Classes on the home page.
9/04/2020Deactivated ‘Advanced Twenty Seventeen’ plugin. This plug in has not been tested with the current version of WordPress (5.4).
9/04/2020Added link to Leicester Sai Centres YouTube page for Sunday & Thursday ‘virtual bhajans’ on the Home page.
6/04/2020Added ‘Options for Twenty Seventeen’ plugin
5/04/2020Added new pages for Christmas Party for the elderly, Christmas Party at Bridge & Christmas Celebration at Centre.
4/04/2020UK2 Backup taken after various new pages added (see below)
4/04/2020Added new pages for 2019 – Global Service Day, Janmastami, Ganesh Chaturthi, Navratri, Beach clean, SSE STEM, Avatar Declaration, Diwali, Akhand Bhajans, Swami’s Birthday
4/04/2020UK2 can provide stats like this to check disk usage but we have to ask for them, via support or online chat.
etc/ 0.01 MB, logs/ 30.14 MB, perl5/ 0.03 MB, public_ftp/ 0.00 MB, public_html/ 747.27 MB, softaculous_backups/ 4,989.45 MB, ssl/ 0.04 MB, tmp/ 291.84 MB, MySQL 8.51 MB, Mailing Lists 0.00 MB
3/04/2020Upgraded to Version 5.4 – WordPress
3/04/2020REMOVED UpdraftPlus(backup plugin) because it was not working as the plugin was installed before we implemented SSL and warning message comes up to say it’s not compatible when restoring.
3/04/2020Changed the admin email to patels.syston@hotmail.com(from vinod@patels-syston.co.uk) because domain patels-syston.co.uk is also hosted by UK2.net and it’s better that the admin email is on different platform in case UK2 is down.
3/04/2020Added rohit & sanjay email addresses(in addition to info & vinod) @leicestersaicentre.org.uk Sath…S……..5#
2/04/2020Site back up again! Upgraded to Primary package which gives 10GB space. No price increase this year but more from next year.
1/04/2020UK2 response – we have gone over SSD disk file limit of 5GB. Have asked for more space & price.
31/03/2020SITE OFFLINE!! Sent email to UK2 support (re Backups missing initially & then re site being down)
30/03/2020UPDRAFT Backup completed
30/03/2020Contact Us page updated. Emails now to both Vinod & Rohitbhai.
29/03/2020Removed info@leicestersaicentre.org to stop SPAM mail getting through.
27/03/2020Added Baby Bundles Page
26/3/2020Invoice – Domain registration fee for old site (.org) – £12.49 for the year.
23/03/2020Plugin added – Simple History – Log of activity on our website
23/03/2020Response from solicitor re copyright “We can consider this case as closed”
21/03/202UK2 Backup of the system
21/03/2020UpDraft Plus Backup of the system
21/03/2020Plugin added – WordFence – Firewall Security
19/03/2020UK2 technical support removed the copyright image link – it was not on our site anyway, just a link from one of the posts we think.
17/03/2020Responded to the lawyer re Copyright (email sent)
13/03/2020Received email from lawyer re Copyright of image on our website.
19/2/2020Invoice – Hosting for new WordPress site (.org.uk) – £119.92 for year.
7/02/2020Add NEW PLUGIN facility fixed as an option – see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nal9qTyzvYo&t=449s
for fix & emails from UK2 technical support ( [Ticket#10247445] File manager for WordPress site – dated 6/2/2020) using FileZilla FTP.
28/01/2020Tried to add plugin to stop blogs but can’t add plugin – Add NEW PLUGIN facility not available as an option.
28/01/2020Deleted Rohitbhai’s account as it was his account that had been hacked. But unfortunately that deleted all his content as well i.e. all pages added by Rohitbhai were lost! We will have to redevelop them again.
27/01/2020Website HACKED!!
Lots of blogs/posts have been added to our site.
27/01/2020Rohitbhai – ‘We’ve been hacked’ message!!! Inappropriate content on our Home page!
31/12/2019Lost the site due to Technical error. Email from UK2/WordPress
Issue with Quiz plugin (email from WordPress on 31Dec2019.) Deactivated the Quiz plugin and restored the site from backup (UK2 Backup).
12/08/2019New Home page published with slideshow. Slideshow created using MS Movie Maker with photos from centre events.
25/7/2019Invoice – Domain registration fee for WordPress site (.org.uk) – £18.98 for 2 years.
25/06/2019Feedback from Sanjay Samani on website – changes being made.
26/3/2019Invoice – Hosting for old site (.org) – £70.10 for 2 years.
07/2018 to
LOTS OF WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT by Rohitbhai, Hiren & Vinod
1/07/2018Started to develop the site in WordPress with Janak Mistry – leicestersaicentre.org.uk
Theme chosen TwentySeventeen.